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Genre : Drama

Release Date : Coming Soon

Killing Willis

The look of the movie is like Super-16mm, [newsprint], Streets of San Francisco-ish. V.O. of Todd telling us he grew up in San Francisco, in a mixed community known as Visitation Valley. We meet the family Dad James, Mom Betty, older brother Jimmy Jr, sister Verda, and Todd. Betty loves to sing show tunes around the house; the kids are enraptured with her rendition of Stormy Weather. James is a moody longshoreman, and that even if everyone is having fun play-acting around the house, how they are almost Pavlovian conditioned to kill the joy when they hear the whirr of the garage door. SHIT!  Wannabe Ike Turner is home! Only worse cuz we ain’t famous…yet! The mood turns from a TV sitcom to the film “What’s Love Got to do with it” Mom yells “CLEAN UP!” We scramble around the house making sure things are in order like a troop in the army. When he came home from work, he barely spoke, got angry if his food wasn’t ready and got violent if he was drunk. Man, if Mom didn’t have the proper loving response, look out! And we didn’t jump all over him when he walked in the door. We just got…quiet. Mom would say he was like that because Dad was in a singing group with his brothers, “The Clicks” they were pretty good, and were headed for some great things, but then their manager stole all of their money, shut down the label and vanished. Dad had to forget his dream and become a longshoreman support his family. He resented that and us; we knew by the way he smacked us around-all of-Mom too! Ya know, it’s funny, when we moved to Los Angeles and he became a Hollywood agent, everybody loved his ass. They had no idea what he was like at home.

You think you know my story?  You don’t know shit! Just wait till you hear the Different Strokes shit!