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Genre : Comedy

Release Date : Coming Soon

Legal Trees

It’s college graduation day. GARRET LICK, 21 is the graduate and speaker. He’s handsome, clean cut and one day will be Governor. He stands in front of a packed house and gets ready to deliver an amazing speech. His Parents GREG and GAIL LICK, both in their 40’s sit in the front row, proud as hell. PENNY BRIDGEMAN, the hottest college girl you’ve ever seen, blows Garret a kiss. He catches it with his hand and winks his eye at her. It’s something they’ve done for years. Penny has been Garret’s girlfriend since age twelve. Garret’s life is perfect.

The SCHOOL DEAN walks up next to Garret and tries to get him to stop flirting and get on with his speech. But he does it gently, hey, Garret is a star.

Garret! Garret!…..Garret!

The crowd chants as Garret waves his hand like the president of the United States in a parade.

BOOM! Somebody slaps him….


Garret! Garret! Garret! Chants were really his co-worker, a 6’4 Mexican security guard and former gang member named Ray.

Garret wakes up, DAMN! I was dreaming.

He is not clean cut, he needs a haircut. He is not graduating from college, he flunked out of college. Penny Bridgeman is not his girlfriend; she is only his “friend”. Garret will not be a Governor; he governs a medicinal marijuana clinic which would hinder any political aspirations. Garret has been in love with Penny since they were twelve. He has been trying to win Penny’s heart ever since that one date nine years ago. But not even his crappy job, lack of finances, short stature and pea size muscles can stand in the way of Garret winning the heart of the girl of his dreams.