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Genre : Family

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My Buddy Larry

Jimmy, a 9 year old African American boy, and Larry, a 9 year old Caucasian boy, have been best friends since kindergarten. As most young boys, they did everything together – sports, movies, girls, camping, and sleepovers. Larry, diagnosed at a very young age with the disabling hereditary disease Cystic Fibrosis, has never let it get in his way. Larry is an amazing baseball player and even better artist, yet he has struggled year after year to make the Little League team with his best friend. Jimmy, a talented, natural-born athlete, has always made the team. Larry was inevitably stuck watching in the bleachers.
In the summer of 1969, the lives of these two best friends would change forever. Larry begrudgingly tries out for his 4th season in a row with the Visitation Valley Vikings. He had worked hard all year, practicing and pitching every day to build up his strength as much as his body would allow; always with Jimmy by his side. The initial news after try-outs did not shock Larry – he did not make the cut. However, Coach Miller realizes he had made a mistake, simply forgetting to put Larry’s name on the roster. The summer of 1969 quickly evolved into the best of times for the two friends. Larry had made the team and started as pitcher; he kissed his first girl, and caught his first foul ball at the Giants game. 1969 was also the worst for Larry, and for Jimmy. After failing him time and time again throughout the season, his body finally gave into his disease late that summer. Hospitalized, Larry’s frustrations, fear and confusion become evident. Jimmy stays by his side through it all; but as any young child who has watched someone close to them die, is too overwhelmed with grief to attend Larry’s funeral.