Director : Jimmy Bridges, Todd Bridges

Producer : Jimmy Bridges, Todd Bridges

Cast : Coming Soon…

Genre : Horror

Release Date : Coming Soon…


Marcus Fallen, a high school football star, is bitten by a werewolf during his Letter of Intent celebration party. A few nights later, by the light of a full moon, Marcus, who has been experiencing strange inexplicable symptoms since the night of his party, suddenly transforms into a werewolf. He cannot hold back his natural instincts and attacks gang members from the notorious Westside Killa’s at a local park. The next day, the leader of the Westside Killa’s, D-Dogg, gets wind of the vicious murders. He assumes his gang’s arch rivals, the Eastside Lunatics, are to blame for the attacks and vows to get even.

That night D-Dogg sends out his hench men to seek revenge. They spot several Eastside Lunatics downing forty’s inside a local elementary school and move in for the kill.

When the Westside Killa’s drive by and start blasting, a transformed Marcus also jumps out from the darkness. The Eastside Lunatics scatter, trying to get away from the gunfire and Marcus. Suddenly another werewolf jumps out of a nearby tree and attacks, ferociously slicing off body parts.

This werewolf appears to be bigger and stronger then Marcus. “Young Thug,” one of the Westside Killa’s, jumps the fence and is the only fortunate one to escape the terror.

Young Thug runs to D-Dogg’s house with fear and panic in his eyes. When he tries to explain what he just saw, D-Dogg thinks he’s crazy and takes him to the park to “bust a cap in his ass” for “punking out” on his crew.

When they get to the park to handle their “biz niz”, Marcus, still hungry for flesh, jumps out and mauls the thug holding the gun. D-Dogg and Young Thug escape, horrified. Stunned by what he just saw, D-Dogg decides to do what he never thought he’d do; ask the enemy for help. That night he goes to the leader of the Eastside Lunatic’s, Debo, desperate for help.

When D-Dogg explains to Debo what he just saw, Debo asks if he has “anymore of that angel dust” he’s been smoking. D-Dogg reminds Debo that they used to be homies and convinces him he’s always been honest with him, even now as enemies. Debo knows then his old friend is telling the truth.

Meanwhile, Marcus gets a visit from Mr. Zooba, his Jamaican next-door neighbor. Zooba has called himself a Medicine Man for years even though no one’s ever seen his healing powers at work. He explains to Marcus what has happened to him in a low, serious tone. Zooba tells him, “You got da curse mon, you haffa kill da alpha werewolf if ya want ta live.”

Marcus follows Zooba’s advice and goes on a hunt for the “alpha” werewolf. Instead, he ends up stumbling into what appears to be the werewolves’ den. There are wolves of all different shapes and sizes. Going unnoticed, or so he thinks, he quietly retreats. Outside, he runs into Debo and D-Dogg at a black market gun dealer’s shop and tells them what they’re up against. They all agree that they need to band together to kill “this thing”.

Debo and D-Dogg are told by Marcus the only way he can get cured is to kill the most powerful werewolf ever, THE ALPHA MASTER. .The next evening the Westside Killa’s and Eastside Lunatics call a truce and set out to kill the werewolf.